• 300,000

    mobile towers supported

  • US$25 billion

    worth of assets managed

  • over 1,000,000

    deployments of infrastructure
    project rollouts

  • over 6,000,000

    assets tracked

fully configurable workflow platform

platform with collaborative asset life cycle
management used by entire industry
value chain

successful implementations in the uk,
scandinavia, new zealand, india, indonesia,
russia, africa and north america

single source of truth on site data across

smart products to give you control

efficiently manage your assets and vendors
automate processes
proactively respond to problems

keeping processes simple and actively managing data is our mantra!

red cube enterprise

delivers towercos business benefits that support site and portfolio management activities

industry expertise

  • Extensive process library created from the knowledge gained by our product team working with tower companies for the last 15 years, provides our customers with a ready-to-use software service
  • Reduce your time to market with ready-made site processes for your site business including those required for rollout, inventory management and lease control
  • Automation of multi-faceted processes to speed up acquisition and integration of tower portfolios
  • Global roadmap with the involvement of our customers in defining the product direction

reduced time to deploy

  • Fully configurable framework for workflows and data forms – no customisation required
  • Easy configuration for rapid deployment across the ecosystem
  • Fully hosted and managed cloud-based delivery

more visibility of tower assets

  • Control all assets on your tower site and integrate streamlined management of vendors
  • 360-degree visualisation of tower assets to ease tracking
  • Integration with mobile FieldForce solution to track assets in real time and capture site data

modules to manage tower
site life cycle with ease and

Reporting Manager

Get instant reports on assets, milestones, and site data with graphical dashboard reporting.

orange cube enterprise

is an effective asset management platform for telcos to control business costs
and prioritise investments across network upgrade and rollout plans


  • Visualisation tools help you model your telecom site
  • Clear visibility of your network assets

reduced cost

  • Gives control of your end-to-end project and asset management requirements
  • Closely monitor your project progress, track milestones, and minimize project costs

fewer site visits

  • Integrated asset inventory management helps you reduce frequent truck rolls
  • Real-time, accurate data collection from network sites through mobility-driven field operations

discover the modules

Reporting Manager

Get instant reports on assets, project milestones, and site data with graphical dashboard reporting.