join Tarantula

Tarantula is a place where your ideas and hard work are recognised and rewarded. We are fully committed to your development and well-being.


We are a specialised and internationally-focused company that provides a career path with tangible growth opportunities. Operating on the principles of ownership, focus, trust, and empowerment, Tarantula offers one of the best work environments. Join Tarantula to apply your business acumen, to pioneer new customer markets and transform businesses.

values that define us

thought leadership

We apply our specialist industry knowledge to actively seek better ways to manage sites.


We confidently suggest new solutions, back our ideas, and are accountable for our actions.

driven to succeed

We finish the job we start and don’t walk away when things get tough.


We work as ‘one team’ across multiple geographies and communicate with all stakeholders to arrive at the same goal.

equal employment policy

We recognise that there are different capabilities that we each bring to the company irrespective of our gender, age, origin, culture, religion, nationality or race. People are hired on the basis of their talent, work expertise, and professional values. Tarantula provides an equal-opportunity work environment with strict non-discriminatory and non-harassment policies.

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